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FrameByFrame Player

FrameByFrame Player

FrameByFrame Player is a software to view a video frame by frame via mouse or keyboard.


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0.9.6 - 2020/7/18
*Renewal of user interface.
*Changed shortcut keys.

0.9.5 - 2020/3/2
*Renewal of user interface.
*Support drag&drop of video file.
*Support shortcut keys.
*Support mouse wheel.

0.9.1 - 2020/2/10
*Fixed an error that happens when you click on a form.

0.9.0 - 2020/2/1

How to use

Install and open the app. Select "File>Open" to load a video. f:id:apicode:20200305104220p:plain  

Control with buttons

Clicking buttons, then you can skip frames backward or forward. f:id:apicode:20200305104346p:plain

Control with mouse

You can control frames by frame by sliding a gauge or mouse-dragging on a video.  (Mouse wheel is supported but not perfect) f:id:apicode:20200305104544p:plain

Menu, Shortcut keys

You can skip frames via "Conrol" menu or shortcut keys. f:id:apicode:20200305104714p:plain


If you are familiar with home-postion, these keys are useful.
  • A:Skip 5 frames backward.
  • S:Skip 4 frames backward.
  • D:Skip 3 frames backward.
  • F:Skip 2 frames backward.
  • G:Skip 1 frames backward.
  • H:Skip 1 frames forward.
  • J:Skip 2 frames forward.
  • K:Skip 3 frames forward.
  • L:Skip 4 frames forward.  


    Click on a export button.
    Then you can export a video frame as JPEG file.


    No sounds?

    At this moment, sounds are NOT supported.

    Can't open a video?

    This app supports videos like MP4, MOV and WMV.

    I noticed that videos which have huge file size seem to cause an error and cannot load. It may depends on your PC memory size.....

      If possible, make your videos shorter and try to load again.